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Campaign to raise travel costs and promotional material so that I can be present in the view of my short film "Good Morning Carlos" in Housecore Horror festival, Texas-USA and have a chance to produce the documentary "Carlos Texas Massacre".

FRIENDS OUTSIDE BRAZIL: you can collaborate using my paypal account:, soon I will include the link with all the informations in Inglês, any doubts, just write to me at the same email.

Display current time at the festival:

Sunday, Nov 15 - Zombie Room - 17pm !!!

Friends, friends and honorable lovers of horror and experimental cinema who are reading this letter:

In the text below you will read about "Good Morning Carlos", "Pazucus" Housecore Horror festival and how I intend to bring Texas a short film called "CARLOS TEXAS MASSACRE: Gurcius Gewdner in Housecore Horror Festival".

My short film "Good Morning Carlos" was selected in Housecore Fest, Texas - USA. This film is the tip of the iceberg of a bizarre and entertaining universe that I intend to bring to you. It is a passionate tribute to the cinema of Lucio Fulci, Dusan Makavejev and Andrzej Zulawski, to say the least that the references affectionately put it. The curator of the festival went crazy with the film and I really want to be there.

Read more about Good Morning Carlos :

The obvious reason for this campaign is that we do not have a penny to board. I see no need to complain of the difficulties in making independent cinema in Brazil, because for me the pleasure of making films should be seen as a wall of celebration, not mourning. But of course, like everyone else, we need money.

For more than a simple approval is already very important, it makes all the difference be present at the festival. It is the gateway to new contacts with producers and the beginning of a healthy career in festivals around the world. Be present is to deal directly with these contacts may take ones paper designs and editing table and at least take the projects already finalized further.

Good Morning Carlos is one of many ways the film: it was designed as a happening / insert into the long "Perception of Fear" (Kapel Furman and Armando Fonseca, 2015) and is the introductory movie for the world of feature film "PAZUCUS: The Island Desarrego "long and already filmed a few months ago I seek co-production partnerships for its completion.

Good Morning Carlos is a fable mismatches. Carlos needs help and needs desperately to find Dr. Roberto. Doctor Robert, in turn, need desperately to find Carlos, not necessarily to offer help. Many adventures and misadventures accompany these two, which leads us to the next film: PAZUCUS.

Firsthand present here in this campaign the first trailer of the film. Pazucus following non-linearly with the drama of the poor Carlos. In this extended universe and expand references to European cinema, diving our characters directly into the world of homemade crafts monsters Roger Corman '50s and Ozploitation: the wonderful Australian genre films produced in the late 70's that trailer you see here, make a direct homage to the classic LONG WEEKEND, 1978. At the time, as a play on the festival of Texas kept the original audio in English this masterpiece of ecological suspense. More put forward a narration in Portuguese, to the delight and terror of those who appreciate my voice.

The first trailer Pazucus test -

So I come to appeal to the interested public and for people who, like me, make movies independently or not, to collaborate and share this campaign.

For me to afford the costs of passage and seen a minimum of promotional material and still play my stay, I will need R $ 5,000.00. The following costs are:

- Plane tickets
- Hosting
- Alimentation
- Visa costs
- Travel insurance
- Rewards
- Rates of

The input forms are, values in dollar:

Any amount - will have my eternal gratitude and an email with a virtual post made by me thanking the support;

10,00$ - A ticket for the special session of thanks to employees that Vakinha, which will give the account of the journey;

20,00 $ - Admission to the session of the film + music "Gurcius Thanks" that updating a tradition started in the 90s with the demo tapes d'The legal, you get a personalized music sung by email Gurcius psicografando Dr. Roberto Anna White orchestration especially for you! (an example of the beautiful song that you will keep for your whole life is on the second link posted here:

"Dr. Roberto & Anna White: The search for Carlos. " - Https://

35.00 $ - Personalized Music + Vomit Bag Carlos + a drawing done in my A4, mailed or delivered by hand!

 50.00 $ - Custom Music + Vomit Bag Carlos + Design A4 + T-Bulhorgia Productions with the muse of Pazucus

 100.00 $ - Custom Music + Vomit Bag Carlos + Design A4 + the firm Fridge Magnet Bulhorgia + Magnet refrigerator "Another Day in Pintolândia" + Post Good Morning Carlos + double session Bulhorgia (The Triumvirate + nipples in Flames) + T-Bulhorgia Productions with the muse of Pazucus.

500.00 $ - Custom Music + Vomit Bag Carlos + Design A4 + the firm Fridge Magnet Bulhorgia + Magnet refrigerator "Another day in Pintolândia" + Post Good Morning Carlos + double session Bulhorgia (The Triumvirate + nipples in Flames) + Postcard with the goddess of Pazucus + 1 product to taste worth up to $ 30 in our plentiful virtual shop + T-Bulhorgia Productions with the muse of Pazucus + a turd (false) used in "Good Morning Carlos "+ credit EXECUTIVE PRODUCER long in the opening credits of" Pazucus: The Island Desarrego ".

(Values in dollar)

Delivery of rewards: from December 10.

By contrast, in addition to all these gifts, I received the mission through Dr. Roberto, heading to Texas in search of Carlos, which will be documented in the film "CARLOS TEXAS MASSACRE 'a filmed record of the whole trip. Those who know my previous films like "Day of the Year" (2005) & "How to Annoy Hardcore Dandies" (2012) is well aware that EVERYTHING CAN HAPPEN. It is possible even that I finally find Carlos and bring his head on a platter, to the joy of Doctor Roberto.

Movie data: The data sheet Good Morning Carlos is filling the pride of an eye, because it's an example of what is happening in various independent productions in recent years, which is the union of several producers and artists from different works are helping each other in a fully collaborative joint effort. Even a cannibal movies, here eternal partner of the company, although not credited directly, is very well represented in the sensational slimy effects genius Alexander Brunoro and one of the posters made by Leyla Buk.

See the technical and synopsis form, here:

About Housecore Horror Festival: the official media much is said about the Oscars being the peak for the success of any film. But sometime in an Oscar ceremony will see performances by Goblin King Diamond, Autopsy or Cripple Bastards ??? NO!!! Tributes to masterpieces of horror movies like Dawn of the Dead, Deranged or Henry - Portrait of a Serial Killer ??? NEVER!! That said, the Housecore Horror Fest is a perfect festival. Curated by Phillip Anselmo (Superjoint Ritual, Down, Pantera, Necrophagia ...), held in Austin (also wonderful land of Fantastic Fest) and getting better and bigger every edition, is a great joy for us to be part of official selection. As someone who grew up listening to punk, hardcore, soundtracks for horror movies, grind and metal, is a child of joy!

Finally, an example of a beautiful design you can get, made especially for you:

Why should I collaborate: if you come up here probably already dizzy from so many cool reasons to collaborate, there is still the addendum that if the target value is exceeded, all the money will be used in the completion of "Pazucus: The island of Desarrego "& Viatti Arrabbiatti (another long story completion of difficulties), two films that you MUST see and are very close to your fingertips!

So please: collaborate! :)

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